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Chalmers researchers are probing the properties of new green solvents

​“Solvent extraction at Chalmers has given us a new insight, figuratively speaking it is like a new form of vision”, says Mark Foreman, Associate Professor in Nuclear Chemistry/Industrial Materials Recycling and one of the authors behind a scientific paper recently published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.

New video: The Missing Link of the Circular Economy 2.0

“The Missing Link of the Circular Economy 2.0” video shows why the waste of the past cannot be consigned to oblivion. A comprehensive Circular Economy vision should, therefore, find answers for Europe’s 500,000+ landfills.

Kick off Meeting of the SAMEX Project

At the beginning of January 2020, the kick of meeting of the SAMEX project "Selective AMmoniacal EXtraction process for valorizing Zn-rich BOF sludges" was held in TECNALIA´s facilities in San Sebastian (Spain). This project is an upscaling project funded under the...

How to define the impact of new technologies?

“How to define the impact of new technologies?” was the title of a workshop on Sustainability Assessment (SA) organized on the 21st of November 2019 in Brussels by NEMO in collaboration with CHROMIC, METGROW+ and NEW-MINE, as a Satellite Event to the 4th...

Recycling of Historical Mining Waste, a new business?

Abandoned, historical mines can be found all over Europe. Waste present at these sites can cause major environmental problems, with the most commonly known example being acid mine drainage. But is there any business opportunity in re-mining these...